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My name's Marissa. I woulda deleted this a long time ago, but it's probably one of the only things that keeps me sane. I suffered from depression and an eating disorder last year, and this is one of the only things getting me through each day. I'm not ashamed of my struggle, and I guess I'm just trying my best to stay positive and release all my negativity into this sight.
~ Saturday, September 13 ~

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~ Saturday, September 6 ~

There was nothing I could ever have done….
Nothing about me was ever going to be good enough….

Really, I was just lucky you ever loved me at all.

— Ranata Suzuki (via ranata-suzuki)

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I had always wanted to hear those words.

I had always wanted to be your girl.

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No one ever talks about
working it out with your soulmate
staying with your soulmate
sacrificing for your soulmate;
We only talk about meeting them.
— What if we’ve already lost them? (via be-stilland-know)

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The hardest part of loving you is that you were never mine.
— About the Rain by Ron Pope (via stephaniesarah261)

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Nobody is really yours.. it’s just your turn.

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when we kissed you tasted
like the harsh breath of men about
to go into battle and i could feel
the thrum of war against
the roof of your mouth.

(you were never only mine
when there was glory to be won).

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I’ve always actually been pretty good in terms of the girls I’ve gone out with. They’ve all been pretty great. I don’t have any exes that I look back on and go, ‘Oh, that person was nuts’. I’ve always gone out with really good people and I’m still, if not friends with, on friendly terms with all of them.
I find the idea that life should just be one big long string of people that you’ve hurt and can no longer speak to and have cut out of your life, far too painful to ever let that become a reality,” he adds. “Because that’s the thing, once you’ve loved somebody, even if you’ve changed and they’ve changed and things move on, there’s still a part of you that loves that person, and so it would always seem a shame to look back on them with scorn.
— Daniel Radcliffe, Evening Times, August 2014 (via xflora)

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